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Conservation, a state of harmony between man and the land, and the proper harvesting of fish and game so as to retain nature’s delicate balance, shall be the purpose of this organization. In the belief that nature’s bounty in providing man with fish and game is not inexhaustible, and that man, through sincere efforts, may aid in the propagation of fish and game species, and the improvement of their environment, the members have united to form an organization dedicated to the preservation of hunting and fishing in the spirit of true sportsmanship through example. Members are dedicated to aid nature’s species in their struggle for existence.

Club Profile

The club was founded in 1966 by 12 sportsmen in Tobyhanna.  Projects consisted of browse cutting, turkey feeding, stream improvement and operating a cooperative trout nursery. Dues were $10.00 per year.  The major activity was raising trout. Nursery ponds were built and permission was obtained from the Game Commission to collect road killed animals for use as fish food. The first stocking of Club raised trout was made in April 1968. About 3000 fish were placed in Tobyhanna Creek. In 1972 we stocked 11,400 trout in Tobyhanna Creek. Raising trout was discontinued in 1989 due to disease and predator problems.

The Special Regulation Fishing Area on Main Street in Tobyhanna was designated in May 1969.

A wood duck nesting box program was started in 1969. Boxes are still in use at most locations.

In 1971 the land where our clubhouse is located was purchased. 

In January 1972 the first woman was admitted as a member of the Club. Membership totaled 62 in July, 1972 .

The first newsletter was published in 1972.

Stream water quality testing was done for the first time in September 1973.

In 1979 we received permission to make a 1 mile stretch of Tobyhanna Creek fly fishing for club members only.

A wood frame structure which became the current club house was purchased in 1981. It was dissembled, moved to our lot in Tobyhanna and put back together. First meetings were held in the new clubhouse in 1983

We are a member of the Monroe County Federation of Sportsmen and the Pennsylvania Federation of Sportsmen.

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Contact Information

Bill Leonard 570-894-4761    
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2040 Lakeside Drive
 Tobyhanna, PA 18466
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General Information: bdleonard@verizon.net
Webmaster: WalterVanNess@Gmail.com

Junior member Tyler Keating on club waters

Club members stocking trout on public waters

Club members stocking trout on public waters

Litter pick-up April 2018

Litter pick-up April 2018