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Ice Harvest 2015

Tobyhanna Millpond #1 Ice Harvest

2015 Final Report


The 2015 Tobyhanna Millpond #1 Ice Harvest was a success!  It was pretty cold on Saturday January 31st, with temperatures of  0o degrees at 8:00 am and a high of only 14o  and a strong wind in the afternoon.   There was a good turnout of hardy spectators and 21st century harvesters, and we managed to put up 35 tons of 14 1/2“  thick ice cakes in the icehouse. Workers in the ice field had to contend with a strong wind but the 1919 Gifford Wood Ice Saw started every time after a lot of cranking.   Workers in the icehouse had to muscle around 220 pound ice cakes, but they managed to get 5 layers stacked into the icehouse.   Charm and Percy, the Belgian horses, pulled 3 or 4 cakes at a time up the ramp with no problem.  We put a layer of straw on top of the ice so there should be plenty of ice for summer picnics.  


We look forward to seeing you at the 2016 ice harvest on Saturday, January 30.  Have a good summer!


 ...And some local ice harvesting history from 104 years ago this week:


Lawrence Gleoggler, a well known resident of Tobyhanna, was killed by a train at the Lackawanna Railroad crossing in Gouldsboro PA on February 7, 1911.   He was on his way to work at the Mountain Ice Company.  Lorenz Glöggler (German spelling) was born in Tomerdingen, Uttenberg, Germany, on August 6, 1866 and came to the United States in 1883.  It was said that the Mountain Ice Company told his widow that any members of her family were welcome at any time to come work for the ice company if they desired. Hence his grandson, Bill Leonard, Sr. was able to get a job working on the ice in the late 30s. It was his idea to organize the construction of the icehouse to reenact this vital industry for the bicentennial of Coolbaugh Township back in 1994. 


Lawrence Gleoggler was the great grandfather of present day ice harvest organizers, Marilou Hitt, Bill Leonard Jr, and Joe Leonard.   Ice harvesting runs in their blood.