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Each year we contract with an aquatic testing firm to take samples of stream water at specific locations. A laboratory analysis is performed to determine if water quality allows growth of macroinvertibrates in the stream. Macroinvertibrates are organisms, larva etc which fish feed on.

The sites are selected by club members who are familiar with area streams and runs that feed the streams.

Sites above and below sewage treatment plants are monitored annually to determine if the treated water being discharged is detrimental to water quality and stream life. Runs and streams that have run-off from industrial parks, shopping centers,  housing developments, etc.  are also tested periodically. Comparisons are made with previous test results in the monitoring process.

An example is the recent construction of a large distribution center in Tobyhanna. Runoff from this location flows into Polly's Run which flows north for about 1/2 mile to empty into Tobyhanna Creek. Stream testing before and after construction revealed very little degradation of water quality in Polly's Run. It remains well within the acceptable range.

Results of the tests are made available to municipal authorities for appropriate action to correct the cause of the water quality degradation. If necessary the Department of Environmental Protection is notified of the degradation.


The Club is responsible for litter pickup on over 7 miles of roads. Our area encompasses Lakeside Drive, Maple Avenue and Rt. 423 from Main Street in Tobyhanna to Rt. 196.  We pick up in April and October each year. The club has been participating in the PA Adopt-A Highway program for over 10 years.


Each year members assist the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission in stocking area streams. We have been doing this since 1989.  We use a poly propylene fish tank equipped with 2 aerators which was purchased by the Club. This is carried in the back of a pickup truck and can hold about 350 fish in the 10 to 12 inch range.

By using this small truck we are able to distribute the fish over a larger stream area rather than putting them only in areas the large hatchery trucks can reach. We believe this provides more fishing enjoyment since the angler can get away from the crowds and still catch fish.




 We provide an area behind the club house on Lakeside Drive for towns people to place their  Christmas Trees when they take them down.  Notices are placed in the local paper advising residents of this service. We average about 35 trees per year. They are hauled to an area wood lot and piled to provide winter cover for small game and birds.



    These are the decks built by the club in           2001.   This area is maintained  by club Members. This involves cutting grass and weeds, litter pick up and general policing of the area. We are also responsible for repairs to the decks as needed to insure the safety of certain handicapped individuals while using the decks.  The decks are on the Tobyhanna Creek Special Regulation fishing Area and can only be used for fishing by certain handicapped persons and children under 12 years.